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In-process and post-process measurements

Everything under control – The external control of our SPC units has been a fixed component of our product portfolio for more than two decades. In particular, this includes all measuring processes accompanying assembly, in-process and post-process measurements. With our PLC interface “Standard-2”, we have complete control of all important functions of our PROMESS SPC software.

We offer optimal solutions to you.

Experience pays off. Following the comprehensive optimization of our PLC interface “Standard-2” in the past decades, it has developed into a reliable component of our production. The error-resistant communication concept repeatedly impresses the control programmers of our customers. Based on the feedback received from users, we have been able to continuously improve the functionality of the interface. Today, there are a multitude of different possibilities how the PROMESS measuring program and the measuring application can be controlled by means of PLC.

Excerpt from the functional scope of the “Standard-2” PLC interface

  • Load the test step

  • Zero the cycle

  • Free lift test

  • Measure the cycle

  • Delete the measurement

  • Repeat the measuring cycle

  • Retrieve the measured value

  • Retrieve the correction value

  • Retrieve the limit value

  • Tool change

  • Send and receive data (Int32, ASCII, 4 byte float)

  • Study mode

Furthermore, when you want to replace the measuring system of an old system with a new one, then we are your reliable partner. While maintaining the existing PLC programming, we will reproduce your interface and with this, will ensure a fault-free control of the new measuring system.