PROMESS data sheets and manuals

Here, you can download our datasheets and manuals. You will require Acrobat Reader to view the datasheets. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader enables you to view, navigate and print PDF files on all common platforms.

The manuals are password protected.
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QU-MO is a measuring computer in an industrial housing that helps you to measure components intuitively and quickly.


The PROTAMO is a 22" touch screen in an industrial housing.


The PRONITRON T5 is a splash-proof and dust-proof measuring computer (IP54). It is therefore suitable for any industrial environment.


The PRONIMAX V5 is a splash-proof and dust-proof measuring computer (IP54) and is suitable for any industrial environment.


The PROMINO is a powerful, energy-saving industrial PC. It is available in two basic versions, which can be flexibly expanded.


The NETBOXpro is a high-speed measuring interface, which can be individually equipped.


The NETBOXm is a measurement interface that can be individually equipped.

Measurement Software

The PROMESS Measurement Software records the measured values. The results obtained can be presented in a variety of ways.

SPC Inspection Planning

With the PROMESS Planning Module, individual test plans can be created, which are later used for data acquisition.

PLC Interface Standard 2

You decide how to correct your machine. With our flexible and proven machine interface "Standard-2" you have access to all relevant functions of the measuring computer.