Technical Drawing

PROMESS Services


Utilize the significance of your data. Get more out of the measured values than merely collecting them. As a result of the multitude of the different display possibilities, you will receive valuable information for the evaluation of your components and your manufacturing process.

With the PROMESS SPC software, you can have your measuring results displayed in accordance with your specific requirements. Individually customized displays are possible in addition to the standardized presentations of the current measuring result.

With this, you will enable the system operator to correctly evaluate the results and to optimally control the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the presentations for the assessment of the entire manufacturing process allow a statistical evaluation. The data recorded during production will facilitate an assessment of the production chain that goes beyond the mere individual measurement.

Excerpt from possible displays of the PROMESS SPC software

  • The display of all relevant characteristics of the current measurement by means of a bar graph display or a list view, with nominal and actual value, deviation and limit values

  • Quality control chart

  • Histogram

  • Normal probability plot

  • Fault collection chart

  • Error percentage presentation

  • Test statistics

  • Test accompanying document, such as test instructions, measurement patterns or similar

  • Parts image, e.g. for the presentation of measuring results based on the component drawing or for the summary of results from several measuring stations of an assembly line and similar

  • Graphic display, e.g. for the meaningful presentation of shape tolerances, such as circularity or profile shape or for the presentation of the location of a measured value inside of the tolerance range

  • Correction chart for the clear presentation of the course of a machine correction.

With the PROMESS SPC software, you are always fully informed.