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PROMESS Services


You have a measuring task – we have the solution.

Our experienced implementers, together with our strong sales partners, will find the best solution for your specific challenge.

We offer optimal solutions to you.

Using measuring equipment that has been precisely adapted to your measurement object and an evaluation attuned to it with our software, your components will be evaluated in a matter of seconds. This also applies to complex characteristics. As a result, the need for time-consuming measurement by means of a coordinate measuring machine is eliminated. During the ongoing process, you will receive an overview of the decisive characteristic values of your components with the actual value, deviation and evaluation.

Furthermore, the entire manufacturing process is assessed statistically and will provide you with valuable information on the evaluation of your production. You can then quickly identify where things are going smoothly, and at which points there is still a need for action.

Flexibility is our added value

You will receive a solution that has been individually adapted to your specific situation. Here, we work according to the following principle: As complex as needed, as simple as possible.

Excerpt from the characteristics of the PROMESS measuring program

  • Evaluation of the common dimensional, shape and positional tolerances in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1101, e.g., distances, roundness, evenness, cylindricity, profile shape, position, parallelism, pitch, symmetry, true running, axial run-out, concentricity, etc.

  • Measurement of relative values for the formation of the relevant characteristics, static and dynamic

  • Formation of dynamic evaluations such as minimum, maximum, median or mean value (by time/margin)

  • Calculation of characteristics by means of filters, equalization calculus for straight lines, layers and circularity (least square reference circle, maximum inscribed circle, enveloping circle), interpolation of coordinate transformation

  • Registration of absolute measured values by means of the connection of external measuring equipment (also wirelessly), such as test mandrels, micrometers, profilometer and similar

  • Presentation of the results with different, also individual displays 

  • Clear operator guidance by means of simple instruction texts, possibly supported by diagrams or drawing extracts with the possibility for the monitoring of handling steps

  • Possibility for the temperature compensation for the exact evaluation of warm components

  • Possibility for the adoption of simple control tasks (feeding in the measuring probe, tensioning the component and similar)

  • In-process and post-process measurements with the possibility of the connection to manufacturing machines or higher-level PLC

  • Possibility for the automatic machine correction by means of the PLC interface

The data storage of our software is certified in accordance with the ASCII transfer format AQDEF 5.01 provided by Q-DAS category A. This facilitates a direct evaluation using the corresponding programs.

Your advantages – Our pledge

  • Cost reduction due to reduced inspection efforts

  • Increase of the competitiveness due to improved quality

  • More transparency for both you as well as your customers