Check Step Selection Box for Guided Sequence

To support measuring stations with many check steps and provide an easy handling for the operator, the Guided Sequence was designed.

Check step selections works step by step. The operator opens a table with multiple columns. Within each column from left to right a selection takes place and opens the next column.
The columns could be individually named and show strings from planning software. As an example the first column could show the different part types, second column the various IDs of one part within the part type family, third column selects the fixture or hand gauge, fourth column the manufacturing machine tool.

So step by step, each selection offers only the corresponding items in the next column. Searching and selecting in endless tables is replaced by user guided philosophy which helps avoiding errors or frustration. Each column could show additional pictures, to support the selection process.

To build that selection table, we do offer a very easy working software tool. Name and content of the table will be selected from any parameter within the check step planning data base.



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